1. Worldwide ASN database and associated query functions
    The ASN DB structure is in place with a progressive automation of the data collection and updates. It still needs some adapting and some work to implement the queries here.
  2. Worldwide aggregated IXP traffic statistics project
    Euro-IX already includes a large number of the IXPs around the globe that have public statistics available. Thus Euro-IX can adjust a few of the graphs to give an overview per region.
  3. Worldwide IXP switch/switch software database
    The Euro-IX IXP Switch DB is in place. Query access to this DB needs to be agreed upon by the Euro-IX membership and will only be made available for IXPA member viewing.
  4. Worldwide IXP route server database
    The Euro-IX Route Server DB is in place. Query access to this DB needs to be agreed upon by our membership and will be for IXPA member viewing only.
  5. Worldwide IXP ‘Best Common Practice’ knowledge base (Wiki)
    The IXPA’s member web access lists will be added to that of the Euro-IX Wiki and all regions will work on this together. There may be an eventual call to have regional pages where deemed appropriate.
  6. Worldwide set of listings of IXP association members, including the facilities and services offered
    This will be added to the website soon and add/edit access would be given to each of the separate regions
  7. A set of worldwide, inter-association mailing list facilities
    Initially we could have a global@ list where all three-member mailing lists are reached by a single mail, thus subscriptions are handled on a regional basis. Other lists may eventuate as deemed necessary.
  8. Updates at each other’s meetings by an appropriate representative
    The Euro-IX Secretary General already visits at least one APIX and LAC-IX per year. APIX member representatives visit two Euro-IX Forums per year and LAC-IX member representatives tend to visit at least one Euro-IX and one APIX meeting per year. The IXPAs meetings have a dedicated time-slot for other regions to deliver updates.
  9. Member access to the associations’ meetings 
    Members of the IXPAs are encouraged to visit each other’s regional meetings however each IXPA is at liberty to charge a registration fee for these attendees as they see fit.