Internet eXchange Points (IXPs) are a network facility that enables the interconnection of more than two independent Autonomous Systems, primarily for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of Internet traffic. IXPs are considered core Internet infrastructure and carry a growing percentage of the world’s Internet traffic.
While there are a number of disparate websites and resources which contain various data on IXPs, none are globally authoritative and fully comprehensive. This makes it difficult for network operators, researchers and other interested parties to make informed decisions related to the global Internet ecosystem.
We, as the IX-F, aim to fill this gap by developing a system called the IXPDB. We began work on this project in July 2017 and have recently launched a limited version of the system which performs automated data collection from the following sources:

  1. IXPs that have an IX-F Member Export - https://ixpdb.euro-ix.net/en/ixpdb/ixps/
  2. IXPs that use IXP Manager - https://www.ixpmanager.org/community/user-list

We have also included some static data from the old Euro-IX website as of February 9th, 2018.

For Networks: The IX-F Member Export should be your goto reference for information and member lists about IXPs.The data available through each IXP's own IX-F Member Export guaranteed to be correct and up to date. There simply is no other source of this information that is as accurate.
We encourage all IXPs to upgrade to version 1.0
For more information about the project, see our Funding Proposal